Bridge Tool


The Bridge tool project is a wbmin module for managing linux bridges. The module functionality includes: adding and removing linux bridges, adding and removing ethernet intefaces to linux bridge and bridge STP configuration. Bridgetool webmin module require bridge-utils installed, it use brctl command for linux bridges managing.

Bridge tool project can be found on sourceforge.

Bridge tool source code can be browse on sourceforge svn ViewVC

Bridge tool is released under the GNU General Public License. See the included LICENSE file or the complete GNU GPL.


Three screenshots below show bridge tool pages:

adding and removing bridges bridges configuration bridges interfaces configuration


The README file provides details on installing the Bridge tool module via Webmin .wbm and module configuration.


Download the latest version of the bridge tool .wbm file from bridgetool sourceforge project and follow the instructions in the README for installation.

Bridge tool .wbm file can be made from the lates source code from svn. Latest bridge tool code can be downloaded from svn by command:

svn co

Next step is to copy all downloaded files and directories from 'trunk' directory (without .svn direstories) to 'bridgetool' directory. Webmin .wbm module can be created by command:

tar -cf bridgetool.wbm bridgetool


If bridge-utils package is installed and 'brctl' command is available in the system but bridgetool is not working, probably default path to 'brctl' executabl have to be changed. It can be done by the bridgetool 'Module Config' section.

Bridge tool bug can be reported by bridge tool bug tracker. Before submitting a bug, be sure to browse the submitted bugs to ensure it has not already been reported. If you don't see a similar bug, then submit a new bug with the following information:

  • Version of the bridgetool and webmin.
  • Bridge-utils version.
  • Linux distribution and version.
  • Describe the sequence of steps that exposed the bug.
  • Provide the exact error/text displayed, if any, when the bug is exposed.
  • Any known work-around for this bug.

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